Keeping email

When do you clear yours ?
My gmail box now has a total of 34 emails in. I was clearing some earlier – all WP related – when I wondered what on earth I was doing keeping so many others. I read a couple, read a couple more, figured my world won’t collapse without them, so deleted the lot. All I keep is the forum registration mails. From well over 600 to 34 in one big go.
Thunderbird – I’m staring at that one now too……more personal email, but there are still very very few that I really need to keep. So I’ll be trashing lots from there too.
Why keep them ? What’s the point ?
I can see that a company would, but for your average person, I can’t see the need to retain what amounts to the navel fluff of my internet experience. Does that sound callous ? It’s not meant to actually….

Anyway, what I can do is absolutely guarantee you that if you sent me your server details or any other details for me to help track down a problem, that information is now gone. It was sent to Trash, and then Trash too was trashed. The good side is that your information is secure, the bad side is that if you need my help again, you’ll have to remind me – I’m getting old and my memory is shot 🙂 (And yes, my browser cache and FileZilla’s XML file have been sorted too).

The About page is updated. Still not what I wanted, but it’s updated. I’ve had a general day of sorting out all those spare bits of files that accumulate, and I’ve deleted loads and bumped other contents together. Consolidation exercise I suppose.

Okay….to round up:
– if you want a more uptodate ‘spamwords’ list, email me and I will give you the link to a huge list. I won’t post the link publicly. I checked my error logs earlier, and it would appear that car insurance is the next one given the several hundred failed attempts to hit me. And 2 more IP’s got banned for probing where they should not. Tut tut.

One thought on “Keeping email

  1. I’m keeping everything on my GMail account. Purely because there is loads of space there and when I run out I’ll clean it up. I mean it’s just another admin task that I don’t need to do, I avoid enough of those little duties as it is 🙂 I’m only using 1% anyway. But as I’m using POP access I get to check it in Entourage. I’m painfully cruel with email and 90% of the time I’ll delete it after reading it…unless it’s work or contract related then I’d be an absolute fool to do that. Good idea to keep those stored for a good while 😉

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