Two more blogs gone from this space. Expect 404’s where there were none.

Right. I am, quite honestly, amazed. It amazes me that UPB is now going to be hosted by someone who is untrustworthy and has been proven so. And what’s even more stupid is that you lot are going to be paying this tosser to store your information. Have you all suddenly got thick ?
Imagine I have set up a private blog for you. Imagine I told you that I had no access. And then you find out that not only have I had access, I’ve been telling others your private information too. That’s what this low-forehead has done.
He betrayed trust.
And now you are going to give him the opportunity to do it all over again.
Yea, I know you’ll say “But he didn’t do it to me ……” and “I think he’s so fucking great” and shit like that. Fine. You are very welcome to your view, just as I am to mine that you are wrong.

I’m not arguing the toss over this one, but I sure as shit cannot see any fucking sense in it whatsoever.

Let’s see……..
hosting #1
– Lots of email addresses, tons of space, professional company, full spec’d server. Cheaper than
hosting #2
– err…..well.. hmm…. yea……..

At least this has cleared my social calendar for next year.

12 thoughts on “Fools.

  1. You can’t have it both ways Mark. A while back you said you wanted nothing more to do with UPB and that you were quitting. People are allowed to have their own opinions and if they are prepared to forgive and forget then they should be allowed to. Many of those people weren’t even involved in the particular episode you are referring to. Besides the information stored on UPB is hardly top secret and also name calling is childish and demeaning for yourself. I realise this is probably going to piss you off but I think it needs said.

  2. Some extra clarification:
    Name calling.
    It helps Google’s future users out.

    Me not being in UPB
    True, hardly likely to return now am I ?

    Being allowed to forgive and forget
    Okay …. how global do we take that then ? You can, I choose not to.

    This was not only a bad call, but it was badly backed up. That said, it demonstrated things to me which maybe I should have noted more carefully before.

    Anyone who reads this page should know by now that I don’t write stuff to be popular or to brown-nose. I write what I think – and I care not who agrees or disagrees because my views are just as valid as yours. In fact, given it’s my space, arguably they are more valid.

    So, changes made around here and March is free.

  3. Anyone who believes that email cannot be compromised definitly is a fool and whoever uses it to pass on sensitive or private information an even bigger fool.

    I guess we’re never going to agree over this issue. I have been and am still able to see both sides of the argument as I wasn’t personally involved in it. I do believe though that you need to let it go. It does nobody any good to bear a grudge/hatred of anyone or anything. Also bear in mind that there are many people in UPB that weren’t involved in the dispute, that consider both of you friends, can’t understand what the fuss was all about, would welcome both or either of you back and just want to get on with their lives.

    Wrt coming back to UPB what’s stopping you. The ng isn’t about any one person or even small group of people and the website/hosting/email is only one very small part of that.

    I think its a shame that you are withdrawing from attending the event in March as I and many others were looking forward to meeting you for the first time/again but it is your choice.

    I’m glad what I’m saying isn’t pissing you off. Just as you don’t write to brown nose I like to feel free to say what is on my mind and be confident that it will be accepted as my opinion and therefore as valid as your own. As you say you are free to believe it is 100% wrong but I suppose thats what makes us all individuals.

  4. Have to agree with Mark here. Someone proves to the entire NG that he cant be trusted by eavesdropping on private conversations, then attempts to earn a few quid from the very people whos trust he broke? Its not on. Ive pretty much fucked the NG off now anyway, but I wont be donating anything to it, and Im very much considering having my photos and any other work I did for it removed from the site. Thats just how much this has pissed me off

  5. So the March thing was aimed at me? I sure hope not – that’s not supposed to be a ukpb thing…….deliberately. If that’s the way it is tho’, then I’m saddened by it. And hurt at the thought of such a penalty being imposed for not being of the same opinion as you. Oh b*gger, I hate this kind of thing, and I’m not expressing myself very well. I just know I particularly wanted you to be one of the ones that gathered then, and I’ll be sad if you’re now not.

  6. Krys – it’s about values.
    A certain person betrayed trust.
    I care that he did – it seems others do not.
    A lot of noise what NOT made publicly by people at that time, and indeed a lot of noise was MISTAKENLY made by people who still – for hell knows what reason – still think he did nothing wrong.
    Some people made a noise and effectively had a go at me, then found out what had really happened, but stayed very quiet. Why ?

    It’s about values, okay ?

  7. Mark….I still argue that from an objective view that there was no right or wrong in that situation. If things weren’t said they wouldn’t have been eavesdropped on and if the logs weren’t checked they never would have been seen. I can see why you’re pissed at what was done and I can see why Smeg is pissed at what was said. Values don’t come into this one. If anything everyone was in the wrong. I’ve said this before though and I’ll say it again….there’s more important things in the world and in people’s lives. Its time to move on and allowing Smeg to offer part of his own personal hosting space for UPB to use is part of moving on. Jesus weren’t we using a BME server before with one of the world’s greatest plonkers having full access to everything.

    Steve….I agree we’re paying Smeg for the hosting but its covering costs only. He’s not making anything on this. If you want to have your graphics, photos etc removed then that is entirely up to you but I do think its an over-reaction. You obviously disagree.

  8. Its covering costs only. And you know this how? Because Smeg told you so. Smeg, the same perosn who told everyone on UPB that the bot was NOT logging the IRC channel when, in fact, it was. That, to me, makes him a liar, and someone I have no trust in at all. And as has been said before, why pay him $30 when there are better and cheaper solutions?

  9. Dino – covering costs ? Hardly.
    I linked to a commercial company that will offer more, for less.
    Now if their costs are only $30/year, how come his ‘costs’ are 20% more ?

    And as for logs….. I will say it again:
    There was NO logging going on.
    He said there was NO logging.
    HE switched it on and told NO-ONE.
    HE told others what was being said on-channel.

    Which part of the betrayal / deceit / breaking of trust is it that people find so hard to understand ?

    Would any of you with private blogs be pissed AT ALL if I used that information ? You would ? Really ? Why ? WHY ? It’s what fuckwit did and you welcome him…..

  10. I guess we’ll never agree over this one and we should agree to disagree cos we’ll just go round in circles and end up falling out over it.

    I’ve posted on UPB to help resolve the hosting issue. If you care that strongly maybe you should both reply to it.

  11. but he’s not coming in March……

    I appreciate there is an issue here…..I guess I’m not sure what that issue has to do with us all gathering in March.

    I wasn’t involved at the time, all I ever heard was various sides of the argument – and I didn’t see fit to draw conclusions based on what are inevitably biased views. I’m not saying you’re wrong. However, if you’re no longer a part of ukpb – why does this bother you so much? If we’re wrong, that I’m sure that will become evident in the fullness of time, and then we can all repent at leisure….or something like that.

    Again, March wasn’t about ukpb, it was about people who like each other getting together. There are always going to be issues that people don’t agree on – life’s rich diversity an’ all that. Part of what I like in my better friends is the ability to debate, discuss, even argue….yet to be able to agree to disagree and not have that effect the friendship. Yes – I’m sure there are certain topics where disagreement is insurmountable – I’m just surprised that the hosting of a small website should be one of them.

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