Blunkett isn’t guilty

As The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph (Bugmenot req) report, David Blunkett is having to protest his innocence, and for once the mantra “If a politician’s lips are moving he’s lying” is wrong for me.
Firstly, apart from some jacked-up Tories seeking to curry favour (yes, pun known), there is a distinct lack of MP’s clamouring for his scalp. Even the Lib-Dems have accepted his version of events.
Secondly, so what if it was speeded up ? According to the BBC that is perfectly possible – and don’t forget that a Civil Servant was sacked for leaking information about thousands of EU workers being granted visas at around the same time. If someone – anyone – had a clue that the application had crossed his desk, isn’t it perfectly possible that they themselves shot it through quickly in case the boss was watching ?
Thirdly, and call this daft, but he’s blind. I’m not saying that blind people don’t lie – that would be stupid – but for this guy it’s an important consideration. When you lie to someone, even a tiny little white lie, you observe them to see how your words have been received. You look for cues that indicate it has been accepted, or is about to be rejected. You modify your body language, tone of voice, select your words carefully – all because what you said was a lie. And you have to do all that even after saying “No, your bum doesn’t look big in that”. He can’t do that. He can’t see a damn thing. He cannot change his approach like you or I. Given the fact he has been in politics for such a long time, and has made the rank he has, don’t you think that him lying would either mean that he has hoodwinked a hell of a lot of people or maybe that he just doesn’t lie ?

Sure, he will spout some political claptrap at some point – doesn’t everyone involved in politics – but that doesn’t mean he is lying. He was known as a ‘blunt’ speaker in years past – again, doesn’t mean he lies and in fact given the theatre surrounding the 1997 election, that could be taken as a compliment to him not kowtowing to the then Mandelson machine.

The complete lack of noise from all the usual glass house occupants certainly suggests that they don’t think he is lying and I still think that he is one MP who I actually trust* when he speaks. So that’ll be the Press driving this story then, for it’s own sake ?

* Insofar as he is a politician 🙂