Was woken this morning by a dull but persistent pain. You know when you hear the alarm clock in your dream, or the telephone but it’s not real because they are happening in your dream too ? It was like that because in my dream I’d hurt my face, so in my dream it was hurting so that was expected but then it slowly – very slowly – becomes more real, and I can remember being in that state of suspension between sleep and wakefulness trying to convince myself that it was far too early to get up but the pain persisted and won. Bugger.
So the day has been spent in the close company of paracetamol and ibuprofen. Consequently, because I can’t eat propelry, I feel ill. Not ill ill, just empty ill. Double bugger.

Played Metroid to take my mind off things. I’d got 200 missiles, 13 tanks. Figured I just needed another tank, but while wandering around to find that I found another expansion. Then I remembered an expansion under the ice in one of the caves, and on the way, got another. So that’s 215 missiles .. hmm….check the % and it’s 92. Given I’ve got all the weapon expansions, and that Nintendo are hardly likely to use just any old number for the missiles, I reckon I still need a few missiles – around 250 ? My logs are only at 72% which is fairly pathetic too – though I know I forgot to scan Omega Pirate when I trashed him (took 2 attempts that did). Anyway, saved game and returned the last 2 artifacts. Winged beast. Big winged beast. Big, hard, can’t kill him winged beast. …… I think I need more missiles 🙂 Brilliant game though, brilliant.