What goes round…

In 1985, before the dawn of the NHS Trust, there were few tiers to the Health Service:
Local Health Authority – – Regional HA – – Department of Health.
That was pretty much it . But the Govt decided that this was too burdensome, too centralised, not profitable. (Do not forget that a KEY element of Trusts was that they had to make 6% PROFIT per year or they would have their Trust status withdrawn. This wasn’t an option, it was an absolute necessity. Yet 51 NHS organisations are in debt and the Govt is ignoring this requirement).
So it was all broken up into the complete bollocks we have now, what with league tables and falsified waiting times.

Yet now, the Govt claim that Bureaucracy busting partnership will save NHS millions. What one minister said was “help the NHS streamline back office functions, reduce bureaucracy and generate substantial savings for reinvestment in frontline services.” Not quite …… it really means that the Govt screwed up, the Govt made a mistake, and the Govt – a Labour Govt – is now going to enrich the shareholders of a private company at the expense of patients needing help. This is a private company, a company who can lock the NHS into a contract term and charge what the hell they like. A company who are taking Health Care money for a job that could be done for less in-house. A company who don’t have an altruistic vision, just a bottom line.

Of course, this decision would have nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that Lord Wilson of Dinton GCB (who has served in Blair’s Govt) is on the board of Xansa would it ? Nothing at all. Oh no. Perish the thought.

Don’t you just know that kickbacks are involved here ?