Ban on suicide journey is lifted (BBC)
This is both very good, and yet very poor at the same time. Regular readers here will know that I support euthanasia and have made my feelings known about the fools inside the Pro-life groups.
This ruling is good because the man concerned should be allowed to accompany his wife on a journey for which the outcome is not yet definite. The plans may well be there, the lady concerned may well be determined to see her desire through, but the simple fact is that until that moment, until the time that the lady passes away, no (percieved) crime has taken place. You cannot stop people from doing something before they do it (let’s not get pedantic eh ?) – that’s not just nonsensical in a case such as this, it goes against our rights.

The poor element is this “it was up to the police to decide what action, if any, to take against the husband.”. So this guy, a guy who has gone through more emotional troughs than most of us will not see peace despite his wife passing on. He will have to return home in the knowledge that some callous bastard in a Pro-Life group will insist he is arested and tried as some sort of accessory to suicide. At a time when he should be allowed to grieve in preparation for the rebuilding of his life, the low-foreheads that comprise the Right to Life group and others will heap further stress and damage on this man – a man who has done nothing save to be with his wife on her final journey, a man who would probably have given anything at all to not be in such a situation, a man who deserves not only our sympathy but also a huge amount of respect for what he has done – not just in a foreign country but here, here in the UK in the months and years leading up to this event.

When are the authorities in this country going to realise that it’s OUR life and we should have the right to end it when we choose, if we choose ?

And when are the Pro-Life idiots going to realise that they can have all the moral and ethical high ground they see themselves occupying, but not everyone agrees and they really should stick their heads up their asses and STFU.