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More of a memo to self.. and I won’t lose it here 🙂

Several testblogs deleted. Partly because it was getting messy, and partly because I found out a few days ago that someone had stolen some code. I say ‘stolen’ because they had contacted me to ask for help with lists. At the time I was really busy and said so, and in response they said they would pay me. Okaay…. so create testblog, work on code, tweak as I needed to and lobbed a mail their way. Not the easiest thing to write – or style – and although it was close, it still needed work.
On Saturday evening, I was clearing emails and found one from this guy, so off I went to his site. He’s got a lovely list – mine. He’s also got no intention of paying me. I’ve had this happen before and should have learnt then…… so testblogs gone, and all developing is offline on my machine. Images of work will be sent. Daft thing is, if he’d asked for it and not mentioned payment, I would still have done it, just slower.
Actually, there are two testblogs left, but 1 is for a project with someone I do trust, and the other .. well .. it’s just sitting there really. Not quite sure why though … still, harms no-one.

Wiki cleared too. Wonderful tools for writing stuff, but it was getting to be an incredible sprawling mess. Numerous pages deleted, pages reorganised and – here’s the killer – my ToDo list is now on the front page !
It was on a page of it’s own, but yesterday I moved it to the front. There were quite a few tasks on it, but seeing it staring me in the face all the time has forced my hand – there is only 1 thing: WP and Themes (for the beginner).

.htaccess organised (yup, I was that bored. Though I didn’t count how many IP’s are blocked – I’d have needed your fingers and toes too !) and robots.txt also added too. Should stop Google from finding other people’s sites or parts thereof here and getting all confused .. not that IT gets confused, but people might.

Webalizer shows little untoward – save for a very high number of poker sites as referring agent. And who would have thought that the Tories got up to such stuff ?
http://w w w.valeofglamorganconservatives.o r g /

And it’s odd this WP work .. I can go a couple of weeks with no queries for installs, then all of a sudden half a dozen discover WP at at once. Keeps me busy, and I do get to see the wierdest cpanels…

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