Making Peace

It’s rare that I read anything on a blog that really stops me, makes me sit back, re-read and also experience a mix of emotions. It may never have happened before.. but OFJay has made a post that, well, hits all sorts of spots. I just read it again and as daft as it sounds, I hope he gets a huge hug from someone 🙂 – Making Peace with Myself

5 thoughts on “Making Peace

  1. Thanks for posting that Mark. It’s rare that I read anything where people are completely honest. I’ll bookmark this site and watch it for a while purely because of that post. I like honesty in sites (you may be anonymous but you have an honesty about what you write). I have the greatest respect for people who write what they feel and don’t just link to the latest meme.

    Might make a list of those sites that value honest opinion. is very good for that.

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