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In wandering around blogs, and in the forums I see many people talking about programs that cost money – such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Textpad and more, so in the last couple of weeks I’ve got hold of them, installed them, cracked them and had a good play to see what the fuss is about.
No doubt these programs are worth the price, but in each of the above examples – there were more too – I found myself with a program that could do far far more than I would ever either need or learn to use. So why do people use them like that ? Take DW for instance – apparently it’s a great tool for creating webpages, managing sites and probably more, so why when I see most mentions of it is the person concerned obviously closer to the point of clueless than clued-in ? Why have they paid for a program which they obviously cannot use ? And if it’s cracked, then why did they install something for which they are going to use only a few percentage of it’s power ? Is it because it’s what their mates use ? Is it because it’s just there for the taking ?
It’s a bit like a newly qualified driver buying a tank then asking how it should be made to turn corners.
I can see the point behind pirated music / games / movies, but software ? Nope.
Maybe people think it’s ‘cool’ to say they use DW, maybe those same people think it’s hardcore to say that I only use Notepad++, but the thing is I cannot use DW – I’ve tried these last few days. It’s got huge power, but for me it lacks control, so why should I use it ? One of the reasons I initially liked WordPress – and still do – is that the program felt transparent. I’ve said it before, but other blogging systems, when I clicked ‘Publish’ I felt they grabbed my words and slowly chewed them over before spitting them at the page. WordPress acted differently – it just took them and slid them straight there – no fuss, no screwing around, just doing what was meant. With PS and DW (two of the most widely cracked programs so I read), there is just so much other stuff going on that it’s all just so busy – my perception as a very inexperienced user.

If it’s warez, and you aren’t going to use it’s full potential, then why are you bothering ? I can see why someone will pirate those two AND use their full potential, but for others, why on earth are you bothering to do that ? I mean, if you boast that you use DW yet you cannot figure out out to alter something fairly insignificant like a hovered link, then don’t you think you are advertising the fact that you are using warez ?

I’m on no puritanical drive for honesty – I couldn’t care less about the financial side of things – I just don’t see why people are using pnuematic drills when all they can actually handle is a screwdriver.

(And all the warez has been removed from my machine and the registry cleared. I don’t need that stuff. I use only Paint Shop Pro (purchased) and Notepad++ for everything on my site. And PSP ? My daughter uses that better than me !)

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  1. I don’t do that much website design but I do use DW when I need to. I have a cracked version of it from 2/3 years back and I use it just because I like it. I like the versatility of being able to change code, see the change immediately in the active preview screen, insert my own code and still use it to automatically create code when doing small things that would take ages to code by hand. I also use Notepad as well when I just want to make small tweaks.

    Why a cracked version? Well I only use it some of the time but not enough to warrant paying for it. I got it in the first place because it came recommended and there was a crack available.

    ps. where did you get the crack for the latest version. I need to update my version now 😉

  2. The number of times I’ve come across people who say they are using DW and I’ve wanted to shout at them “Quick! How much did you pay for it!!!” I’m sure there would be a lot of “Um…errr…ahhh, wait a min…erm £50?”.

    These same people are the ones I provide support to on another forum. Mostly along the lines of “I can’t get DW to FTP my files properly! Whine!” and I’ve wanted to bang their heads on their desk and say “That’s because you are using a professional package dope, and it’s designed for connecting to an organisations servers or a self-configured server and that $2 shared hosting package you are on doesn’t allow check in and out!”

    Hmm, can you tell there’s tension building there? 🙂

    I think they ‘obtain’ it because it’s supposed to be great, and therefore they will design great sites (misguided). But to be honest with you it was designed for designer/coder crossover work which isn’t a model that works on projects anymore. Most of them probably use 20% of it’s capabilities and they’d be able to do exactly the same thing (and BETTER) if they learned how to code in notepad. I always advise people to learn a bit and move away from WYSIWYG

    DW is rubbish for CSS anyway 😉

  3. There are quite a number of reasons why an inexperienced user would use dw/ps, but the main point it that both applicatins are today considered de facto standard. Most often, a user who is using one of these programs, knows that he or she has an overabundance of information, tutorials, resources, user-based support in forums etc, all of which are not as accessible for smaller-scale applications. A user opting to download/purchase one of the above applications, even if he or she knows that he or she is not going to be using the so called “power features”, one would have an industry standard piece of software to one’s CV (regardless of the actual skill level, it still gets written down), more resources than you can shake a stick at, and yes – some people just like the way “I know how to use photoshop” sounds.

    Also, from a user’s point of view, there’s very little chance that one would actually use all the features of an application like photoshop; PS is so abundant, and manages to address many issues such as pre-press, desktop publishing, web graphics, gif animation etc, not all these are relevant to, say, a web designer.

    For web designers and graphic artists I always suggest The GIMP, which is powerful, free, and very comfortable to use. For simple WYSIWYG editing, NVU works well as is free. Inkscape is free and allows you to work with vectors in SVG, and HTML-kit is the most powerful software package I know for the hand coder. Like the above, it’s free, too.

  4. Liron, it may get put on a CV. But any job candidate would likely be laughed out of interview or have a working lifespan measured in seconds. Why? Well using DW doesn’t mean you know HTML, CSS or any scripting. An in-depth knowledge of these and how solutions can be integrated into a problem are essential. When people do get up to a decent skill level, I’ve found they tend to dump DW for a text editor as their code is cleaner that way.

    You mentioned the solutions that PS can handle (Indesign or Quark for DP) but they are all handled in the same way – graphics, layers and layer adjustments.

    Do you think it all comes down to ego? You know with people saying “I know how to use DW or PS?” I’d probably agree with you there. Similar to the feeling of “If I own a fast car it’ll make me a great driver, or if I wear those particular training shoes I’ll be a great sportsman”

    Talent is kinda secondplace 😉

  5. Steve – that’s a dangerous place for the unwary 😉

    There’s a guy in our little village who owns a Lamborghini .. WHY ? He doesn’t take it to the autobahns, he doesn’t take it to a track, he just trundles around at 30mph. Okay so he’s got the cash, but what a waste.
    Maybe it is all about labels (and availability, that HAS to be part of it).

    Either way, I can’t be bothered to use DW to to tasks. Notepad++ is a 1 meg program, loads virtually instantly and doesn’t do anything to what I write other than save it. I call it using the right tool for the job 🙂

  6. I reckon that people d/l the programs simply because they’re buzz names when it comes to website design and photo mangling… personally, I can’t stand PS, so use fireworks for all graphics related stuff (I purchased Studio MX btw, one of the few! but edu discounts make it not so painful!) and I find DW good for quickly getting ideas down, and it makes using SQL DB’s easier for a relative novice, tho a lot of the time, for personal sites, I’ll use cyberduck to ftp things over rather than use DW convoluted ftp-ness…. it’s a good tool for commercial use, but not for personal use I feel.

    As for music software, well, I’m not even gonna go there…..! :p

  7. What you are describing was the experince I had with Adobe Illustrator. I got the impression that it had an incredible engine under the hood but it was too sophisticated and difficult to figure out.

    And honestly, though I had imagined that Adobe Illustrator or other programs would be incredibly useful to me, I find that I’m just back to drawing with pen and ink and sometimes messing around with other “manual” art materials.

  8. Dreamweaver just baffles me. I went up to the Graphics department at work once and had a go. I still prefer a text-editor. Though I’m sure they are pretty happy with their dual wide-screen G5’s with DW/PS & Illustrator. Me jealous? Never! 😛

    I like the comparison to the Lamborghini. We have a similar thing in my village but with Land Rovers.

    I can understand having one if you need to pull a horse-box around and such, but when you park it in an immaculately paved driveway and the beast NEVER has a spec of mud on it -what’s the point of weighing 2tons and having a 4zillion litre engine? People seem to think they are a safe family car too, have they seen these things crash?! Weight + Velocity = Force Of Impact. It’s basic physics………

    Sorry, end of rant :blush:

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