The Fine Print

I don’t feel well today, but there’s no reason for it particularly which is frustrating as that means that I can’t do anything specific about it. Could be one of my phases though… time will tell.

I wrote another page here, one which certain blogs would call a ‘colophon’, but seeing as I can’t be bothered to wander down that track and keep up with the terminology, it’s called “Terms & Conditions”. For various reasons I was in a bad mood at the time so it needs editing to be more … erm …. whatever, it needs editing, so I’ll get round to that soon.

I was very bored last night, so I’ve played with colours. The image up top now has the colours I want, but everything below it does not. Bugger. I hate doing colours – that’s why I like black so much.
WP had a minor version upping and is at now at alpha-5, as demonstrated here. No problems here, but then I’m not using very much of the new code functions, so don’t my experience as written here as evidence of stability 🙂

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