Shoot them.

“parents of five children who forced them to live a life of “utter squalor”
David Askew and Sarah Whittaker – you should both be shot for what you have done – what POSSIBLE excuse can you have for that ?
And every relative / visitor that knew too is equally guilty.

You know, every time I post something like this, I get emails protesting that as I don’t know the whole case, I shouldn’t judge, and in one case it even said that the judge and jury was wrong and the person was really innocent. Well if you read this and the comments have closed, STFU – I don’t give a shit what you think, okay ? Both of those two above should rot in prison for the rest of their lives – they’ve already damaged all those kids – that’s FIVE lifetimes they’ve scarred.

5 thoughts on “Shoot them.

  1. I think it’s terrifying that people are capable of this sort of neglect… I think prison is better than shooting the buggers, since they’ll suffer for longer, but how can anyone think 7 years is enough? They’ll only serve half of that, then they’ll be allowed to breed again… it’s sickening…

  2. Agreed, maybe they should be neutered too? I heard in one report that the one year-old only weighed 4kg when they found him. While I find it hard to imagine how anyone could neglect a child (let alone five) I find it equally hard to believe that no-one noticed, or worse did notice and didn’t report them.

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