Wierd Evening

Last night went from bad to worse…….my ftp connection kept aborting during transfers and repeated the behaviour even when I installed another client, I repeatedly got ‘Connection refused’ errors trying to get into the site with a browser, 3 bots accessed areas of the site they shouldn’t have (and are now banned by IP), found that my sound card and the one above it were lose to the point of falling out but still somehow working, got an incredibly annoying email from someone who probably would get someone to breathe for them if it wasn’t so much effort for them to ask, wireless connection went to shit, host has upgraded phpMyadmin which threw me too and showed some ‘errors’ (thanks to Skippy for the solution on that one) and then, halfway through an ftp transfer – it was actually still the same one – and at a point when I was replying to a forum post and writing an email, the whole phone line died.
Needless to say, I was incredibly annoyed by all of this. And then some. And a bit more too.

Before all that though, I’d installed dotclear – another php/mysql blogging tool. Docs are predominantly in French though, but installation was a breeze. A nice backend, but I’ll not be switching. A few small things that WP could maybe use, but overall there was a lot of file permission issues and no easy way to edit the default files (I use the online editor of WP a lot). But then Chyrs_seren (I’ve forgotten the link) pointed out that it is aimed at bloggers rather than people who want to mess with the backend. Either way, it’s installed here still, so if you want to have a look, see the admin side and fiddle around, let me know and I’ll give you the info.

And the phone line dying – it got better about 2 hours later – meant I took Samus for a romp, and she now possesses the Ice Beam.

4 thoughts on “Wierd Evening

  1. Prime.
    I honestly don’t recall playing it this far before .. maybe I got distracted and that’s why the save went. Not sure what I’ll play once this is done as I’ve no other uncompleted games, and Pikmin2 won’t be revealed as being in the house until Xmes day (and I can’t play it when they are at school as they may check the game saves !).

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