Samus stole my weekend

Samus, apart from grabbing far too much of my weekend, is stuck. She doesn’t know where to go next – and neither do I. I have the Wave Blaster, the last ‘boss’ I killed were the invisible pirates in the SunChamber and I think it’s either the Ice Beam or Water Suit I need next. I’d go peek at GameFAQs but then I might see stuff I don’t need to just yet which would spoil it. Scariest moment so far was only just getting out of the Research Area behind the drifts – I had 26 life left and I was worried as I hadn’t saved for ages.
Just for Bri, I’ll criticise the game: (1) The game loads the next area very slowly at times, even after a large room when it should have had plenty of time to do so. Annoying, and when you need to get to safety, very annoying. (2) The right stick should have been better used, so that walking and scoping for bad guys / exits / tunnels / anything else can be done better. It’s annoying to have to stop and scope around.
Damn fine game though, even though I cannot see a door I haven’t gone through.

Eminem’s Encore is excellent – have I said this before ?

Why does it take longer to make a blonde snowman ?
Because you have to hollow out the head 🙂

Project for tomorrow: Get both computers here to share files .. hell, even seeing each other would be great right now. It’s so long since I set it up before, I’ve forgotten. RAFW time.