BBC3: Conviction

Apologies to those who I said I’d be online for, but I forgot it was Sunday. Last few weeks I’ve been watching the above series and tonight was the conclusion – very very good. I barely watch TV, but this was just excellent* in all departments – I couldn’t fault it** (See Bri, I don’t rip everything to bits!). I can’t see it being repeated on one of their mainstream chanels unless it’s very late due to the content – I don’t think the channel demographics would suit it according to the bastions of good taste inside the BBC. If it gets repeated, and you missed it this time, make a date next time – fantastic series.
* Especially the female copper 😉 ** Who did kill the girl ?

3 thoughts on “BBC3: Conviction

  1. BBC Drama seems to be getting better. Havent been watching Conviction, but we have been watching Bodies (Wednesday nights, 9pm BBC2 and then the next episode at 10pm on BBC3). I think youd like it…its all about incompetence within the NHS

  2. Conviction was indeed excellent, the best drama mini-series I’ve seen for a long time, if ever. Brilliantly acted, interestingly shot, tense, real, a treat. I loved the way Beauleigh’s dead character appeared as the conscience/subconscious of Joe’s character, especially towards the end.

    In answer to your question, the girl was killed by the two teenage boys. If you remember they discovered one in the squat where the murder took place and he led them to the other one, who was the main perpetrator. Can’t remember their names but you might remember the scene where he nutted Robert during questioning and smashed his nose. Does that jog your memory?

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