Motivation at School

D. came home from school with an ‘Interim Report’ this week.
No concerns, and her grades are good …. except for one thing. Each subject has two grades attached – the predicted which is based on work so far, and the target to which she should aspire. Ordinarily, that would appear fine, yet for one subject, she has a predicted grade of A and the teachers have set her target grade as a B. I’ve told D. she can bunk off school for a few of those lessons if she wants, and maybe to send a little note to the Headmistress saying that she’ll slack off a bit – no point in tiring herself out is there ?
There’s also something called a ‘Parents Consultation’ coming up soon. Now I think they mean what I know as a ‘Parents Evening’, so why not call it that ? I mean, if they want to consult me, then maybe I should charge them for that priviledge ? It’s not as if teachers can do a whole lot when probably every parent wants little changes here and there is it ? They can’t win – but why call it a ‘consultation’ ?
Political Correctness …. Hate that too.

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5 thoughts on “Motivation at School

  1. Sarky bugger arn’t you? Just be glad your kids are sane and achieving 😛 It’s probably all ’cause the corporate wankers think a “Parents Evening” involves tea and biscuits and some stupid teacher telling them nothing. “Consultation” sounds a bit more socially acceptable for the upper middle classes to attend.. Anyway the whole deal is actually get the ‘rents there so they can have it explained exactly how shitty their little offspring can be, and that some “parenting” should be done (as oppose to “schooling” which contrary to many people beliefs is different.)
    We used to have two grades, “Effort” and “Attainment”. My attainment was always A unless it was B (bar PE), but the effort was C…. thing is; *surely* that’s better than A and A? I achieved an A without half the effort of the other kids…… Somehow Mum and Dad never saw it that way.. and the strategy fell to bits at degree level where slacking doesn’t produce the same results 😛

  2. As an ex-teacher I can safely say that Parents Evenings are a load of wank and a major pain in the ass. We weren’t allowed to say anything negative about the kids and had to use terminology like he/she is doing “okay”. Most parents see this as fine but that might not be what you meant. Okay means they’re coasting along but could work an awful lot better and achieve a lot more but as long as they’re not doing bad thats the important thing for most parents!

    Anyway only the concerned parents come along and because they actually give a shit their kids are usually doing pretty well. The annoying little shit that plays truant, never does homework and gives loads of cheek usually has bad parents and they never turn up. As long as your kid doesn’t get a letter home or cause you to be called to visit the teacher then you can rest assured that they are doing good.

    Oh and don’t get me started on end of term reports!!!!

  3. Oh and predicted grades are calculated using a formula at the start of the year based on her previous year’s results. Her current grade is the level she is working at which means she is doing even better than they hoped she would so very well done and a pat on the back is well deserved 😀

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