Terry bloody Wogan

It’s Children in Need night… I hate this night. Hate Loathe. Detest. Abhor. All of them.
Bunch of tosspot ‘celebs’ prancing around convincing themselves that they are ‘doing their bit’ to help the needy so that tomorrow morning that can go back to their selfish ways. Do I care that they are raising money ? Of course I do – it’s needed desperately, but FFS …. devoting a whole night of programming to what can only be described as utter bollocks. I suppose the BBC execs congratulate themselves on fulfilling some sort of ‘public service remit’ on this one..
Children In Need night = tedium redefined.

And my router should die in about 5 minutes. It’s done it 4 times today – so why not a 5th ? Do not buy Belkin.

3 thoughts on “Terry bloody Wogan

  1. I agree, it’s shame it has to be so boring. You’d think that if all these ‘celebrities’ were really interested in anything other than quick publicity they’d be able to come with something a bit more exciting. After a all, a few of them are interesting. But only a few :yawn:

    But it is worthwhilw, as it does seem to raise money afterall.

  2. I detest Children in Need as well. In fact, I’d rather pay them the money to stop them from plastering their fucking hateful publicity-craving faces all over the shop.

    I have an Alcatel Speedtouch 530 ADSL router that craps out all the time. It came supplied with the BT Openworld contract that I told my dad to cancel *grumble moan* 😛

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