Penguins are cool

I’ve got 3 penguins on my Desktop !
Like OFJay, I’ve never liked the appearance of WinXP, but then he went and found CrystalXP and much much better it looks. Installation was no problem and with the Black style applied, I actually quite like the whole show now. (You need Windows Media Player 10 – an 11meg download – and the pack itself weighs in at 54meg).
Mind, one thing that comes with that is ObjectDock, and I know I’ve said this before, but Aqua Dock is possibly a better bet. The former is a 7meg+ download, but the latter is only 740K and system performance is slower (for me) with ObjectDock installed. I’ve certainly never had any problems with Aqua Dock.

Plugins – I’ve restored the Blogtimes plugin below, and also put in WP Pulse. The line monitors comment activity for the past x number of posts – don’t go letting me flatline now !
As for further playing with the layout, that’s on hold. I’ve much other work to do – and much thinking as to how to do it (that’s the WP stuff) – it’s not as straightforward as I first thought – so playing here isn’t on the agenda.

And I’m playing Metroid Prime again. Went to resume, and the save had been erased, so back to the beginning I went …

2 thoughts on “Penguins are cool

  1. Metroid is cool but in both Zero Mission (is that the same as Prime?) and Fusion I reached a stage of the game where I got stuck and just couldn’t be arsed trying any longer…..great sticking power me 🙂

  2. I’ll give Aquadock a try. I’m not really big on docking programs because I tend to twiddle on them and open apps and files just because I can. For the Windows GUI, it’s always been the yellow folders that I dislike. Alpha blending, and newly redraw, I still dislike their overall yellowness, especially when I have a window full of yello folders. My eyes glaze over.

    I’m glad you like the shell replacement.

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