2 thoughts on “Gridlock no more

  1. haha oh great, now you’ve got me hooked on that game!

    no, really: Nice Site!

    I’m struggling through your CSS tutorials to try and get my blog functional after switching from blogger–>MT–>WP and I’m also using the Gemini CSS, but know very little about php & css in general. Thanks for the tutorials anyway! Hope to get the hang of it. Is there a way I could copy your CSS? I would change the colors, but the formatting is nicer than the Gemini default.

  2. Help yourself 🙂

    /T2/wp-layout.css is the location, and the images are referenced inside that.

    If you do get stuck, and the tutorials don’t have the info you want, send me an email and we’ll see what we can do 🙂

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