The Hunt Ban

Excellent news, and in more ways than one.
I’ve always thought that hunting was cruel and have never varied from that, so all the hullabaloo from the ‘country folk’ is crap really. Whether their livelihoods disappear or not is immaterial – the fact is that what they were doing was participating in or enabling the cruelty to foxes. How anyone can tag the word ‘sport’ onto this is beyond me – surely in a sport all participants are meant to enjoy it ? Hardly enjoyable for the fox was it ? And as for the jobs argument … well that’s a bit like Bush saying “We’ve invaded Iraq but the jails can continue – wouldn’t want to put those jailers and torturers out of work, after all, think of their families !”

I wish they would ban Angling. My Dad fishes – has a share on some river somewhere – and he took me once when I was a kid. Apart from the fact it was indescribably boring, again I didn’t see where this word ‘sport’ came into it. If you are going to fish, catch it, kill it, eat it, then that’s one thing. I’d find that acceptable, but catching it, ripping the chunk of metal from it’s mouth / throat (or just cutting the line if it’s gone to far) and then lobbing the fish back into the water …. what’s the bloody point ?. Tell me, where is the sport in that? Where ??
The fish, and this applies to mass catch trawlers, suffocate to death. That not humane – it’s cruel. It’s no less cruel than a fox being chased down by a pack of dogs (followed by a bunch of twats on horseback).
I have no particular love for fish, but I do see Angling as pastime that has no other focus than to amuse a human at the painful expense of another living thing. I don’t care about these fishermen saying that fish don’t feel anything – they don’t know that – it’s bollocks. I mean … if that’s their argument, and research found out that fish actually do feel pain and stress, would they desist from this habit ? Not a chance, they’d come up with some other pathetic excuse. At least they should have the balls to admit that they do it because they like it and because of that they should be left alone. Of course that argument means that we’d have to allow bear baiting too.

I guess what’s really annoying the hunting brigade is that once it’s illegal, they can’t do it in secret. It’s not like Prohibition in the US, or driving too fast on a country lane is it ? Pretty hard to disguise a hunting pack… hardly dress the dogs as sheep can they ?
The other reason it’s cool is that the Lords have made this happen while Blair is still there, and this side of any election – nice job ! The amount of stuff they still blame on the Tories is amazing, but this time Blair has to face the music. Of course, he’ll blame the MP’s, the Lords, probably the Tories too, but in the end, it was part of his Party Manifesto – and I’m pretty sure he had a clue about what went into that eh ?

4 thoughts on “The Hunt Ban

  1. I can’t believe the fuss. I don’t know anyone who supports hunting…but then I don’t hang around with Lords and Ladies…not posh enuf I fink 😉

    But bear in mind it wasn’t the Lords…they blocked it again. The Parliament Act got it through. Will it harm Blair? I wouldn’t have thought so. He tried to go for licensing (a typical Blair compromise) but the fact is the majority of the commons and the people wanted a full ban. It’s a lose-lose situation for Tony no matter what happened. Pro Hunting groups keep saying it’ll be civil war – but it’ll be a bit of a damp squib apart from having to keep an eye out for marauding bands of red-jacketed gentry when heading off to the country.

    Y’know who I feel sorry for? The police who have to head off to the country to try and enforce the ban. I can just imagine the rural constabularies groaning at the prospect 🙂 Can you imagine? Hunts careening across the countryside with Police Range Rovers with full ‘Blues and Twos’ going trying to catch em…I’d pay to see the copter coverage 😉

  2. I was also gald to see the ban, I live in the countryside and resent the ban-protesters claiming the whole countryside is against the ban. This is simply not true. I only know two people here who actually go hunting, and the majority of people I’ve spoke have no problem with a ban.

    The fact that only 300,000 people (compared to the millions who actually live in this country) turned up in london to protest that time, shows it.

    Their argument that this is undemocratic and illegal bears no sense, it was put in place by MP’s or represent their counties, the majority of which were pro-ban.

    I too feel sorry for the police too as there will be those or break the law. But I suspect they will be made an example of, indeed they should be treated no different than any other criminal if that is what they choose to become.

    As for being impossible to enforce -that is, frankly, bollocks. You can’t miss seeing or hearing the hunt around here, and even in my small village there are plenty who will be willing to pick up the phone and call the cops. I won’t be one of them, as I feel it is not my business -but there will be others. I don’t think Gary will have to pay to see the copter coverage…… I think it’s a gaurantee we will see it somewhere!

  3. CJP, where would you like to see the rural police resources go? To make an example of some asshat Lord Fonteroy on a crusade to protect his heritage, or to combat farm theft? How do you think they are going to arrest an entire hunt if it’s off across fields? Can you imagine the resources needed for that? I suspect the first few hunts to go against the bans will be big ones. How many coppers will it take to pull a guy off a horse? Because I suspect they aren’t going to go quietly.

    Still think it’s bollocks?

  4. I think the police resource issue is a valid one, and I agree that probably the first few hunts will be huge – not just strength in numbers but also protection.
    I can’t see the Police bouncing off hillocks though, more just standing close enough to the hunt ‘home’ to grab both evidence and people.

    Also, the hunt saboteure – now know as ‘law enforcers’ – can wander along armed only with some disposable Kodaks to hand in to the boys in blue.

    Yes it’s an issue for enforcement, but it will be a ‘last stand’ gesture I think they’ll make. A lot of the noise the Police / MP’s are making now is more to do with discouragement, appealing to their sense of social justice etc, not that I think that will do a damn thing.

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