Skin & Holes

The tongue situation has improved, though now my speech is odd again because the metal in my tongue is a different shape to the plug – it’ll take a day or two to settle down. I realised too that for the first time ever, the hole in my tongue is now smaller than my PA (it’s 8mm). Useless fact I know, but worth noting I feel 🙂

As for machine problems, I’d not only screwed up the registry, I’d also altered – and I have no clue how – some system path type stuff. Went to ping a site, and it wouldn’t – didn’t know how. They too are fixed. What next I wonder ….

Gmail is now skinned and like with all css I get my hands on, green is represented. Green is good. A healing colour I was once told.
And after doing some reading, I need more memory. My pagefile never drops below 300meg+ and with only 384meg of RAM, some more would be welcomed inside I guess.

Now to play with some more css………..