Losing my tongue ?

A few days ago, after I’d cleaned the chunk of nylon that I have in my tongue piercing, I noticed that as I slid it back in, the area behind the hole was slightly tender. Not hot / hard just tender. Didn’t think much of it.
Two days ago, I felt I was slurring when I spoke. I’m told I’m not, but it was awkward forming some words. Then yesterday, it got odder.

Speech feels worse, tongue is definitely less mobile, it feels swollen to the back of it and last night as I went to sleep I could feel a slight throbbing around the plug. But it’s all been stable and happy for over a year now, which is why I’m puzzled. I’ve even been speaking to Brian about a custom Ti piece at 10mm wide so I can stretch up to that, but I haven’t started any prep for that – the current plug is about 9.2mm wide.
The responsible part of me says to remove the plug, give it a few days to settle and then start at the highest size I can then fit through (hopefully that would be 5 or 6mm). The it took ages to get this far part of me says to leave it all alone and just see what happens. If there is an infection, it’s certainly not got as far as the tongue ‘root’ as that feels fine, as does the area forward of the pierce.
It’s not painful, there is no difference in tongue colour / texture, it’s just got that slight sensation that says all things aren’t as they should be.

My only thoughts are to take anti-inflammatories and see how things develop. Any ideas ?


It’s out.
Discomfort and swelling increased to the point that the top edge of the plug was embedding – not good at all. As I removed it, there was a significant amount of blood and associated gunk that came out too. Not huge amounts, but certainly far more than I’ve ever had from my tongue before.
Because of that, I’ve put a 5mm bar back in. I don’t need the main pierce healing with an infection possibly held inside.
So it’s annoying that I have lost my 9mm hole when I was so close to stretching to 10mm, but after seeing the gunk I know I made the right decisions to remove the plug.

Quite amusing as I put the 5mm bar in – it has 7mm ends, so it just dropped straight through 🙂 I had to hold it in place for several minutes as my tongue reclaimed the space.

11 thoughts on “Losing my tongue ?

  1. I find that mine (8mm) can get tender every now and then too, but after a couple days, it’s gets back to normal… Personally (and prolly stupidly) I put this down to the “one of those things’ routines… every so often, totally at random, one of me holes will act up a bit, and tbh, a couple of neurofen and it’s sorted out after a day or so…

  2. Ouch,

    I was biting my fingers as I read that -I can never understand the whole tongue piercing thing. Though I admit when my girl friend got one it did look good.

    The whole thought still makes me squirm though!

  3. True AJ …
    Swilling plenty of decent mouthwash has helped, and the improvement has been quite rapid so somehow an infection must have made it’s way inside. No pain now, and there is a distinct area of hardness behind the pierce which the swelling must have hidden.

    And I gave my really nice 6mm tongue bar to someone at some time, and I’ve no idea who!

    Feels really wierd with steel back in my tongue, very wierd indeed.

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