5 thoughts on “Useful tip of the day #1

  1. Funny it aint 🙂
    Had an issue with Firefox, ended up uninstalling it, clearing the registry and reinstalling. Then, links from TBird and Abilon wouldn’t open in FF. Some Filetypes had gone. Tried various soultions to no avail, so I tried rebuilding the parts of the registry that dealt with all html / http files. Bear in mind I’m rebooting a few times too.
    Then I end up with no http stuff at all, nothing in IE seemed to work, even FF was odd.

    In the end – after advice received – I had to run a few DLL’s to restore the correct parts of the registry. And now it all works 🙂

    Linux .. I’m told Linux 🙂

  2. Yes, Linux indeed. For some reason we Linux users don’t have a registry full of arcane random numbers, where just one corrupt bit can make the whole system fall down.

    Can’t think why.

    Maybe we should stop storing all system settings in human-readable text format, and adopt a windows-style registry instead………….

    ** End sarcasm mode **


    Seriously, give Linux a go, it’s come a long way -just take one step at a time, you can do it!

  3. You’re just wrong.. I know you’ll hate being told, but really…. it’s the REGISTRY Mark, put it down before you *really* hurt yourself 😛

    Now go and comment on my shiney job offer like a good boy! /attention seek

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