After a couple of days and at times very slow browsing, a call to the ISP now has the MTU’s all sorted in every department. Fast browsing is back. Frustration and irritation levels have dropped a bit. Just a bit mind.

D. now has her WP install running the latest code, and last night she sat and coloured the admin css. Just a bare minimum of help from me to get the apps open, and then I left her to it. Needless to say, her admin css is far more pleasing on the eye than my greenness. She’s also very very pleased with the pages function, and the fact she can password protect those pages.

CDDB. Anyone know of a tool that I can point at a very large directory, and it automatically check and tag the mp3’s in many folders and sub-folders ? I’m using the CDDB MP3 v1.33 Tool, and it’s damn good, but having to do each folder is a chore – I have many many folders. I want to be able to sort my music according to the tags, and having been reckless when tagging before – not realising fully their functionality – I’d like them all to be the same. But doing it manually – which I have started – is a looooong job. Be nice to have something I could point at D://Music and say “Fetch !”. I don’t think such a beast exists, but no harm is asking eh ?

– I might try to stretch my labret piercing to 2.4mm (though pain may force me to rethink that at any point during the procedure.. so actually I will try but whether or not I succeed is an entirely different matter.
– we bought a friend a PA today and he’s getting it tomorrow (he’s 21 today)
AVG have released version 7 as v6 will be unsupported by end 2004. That’s a direct link and it will uninstall 6 as it install’s 7. (9.9meg, reboot needed)
– and I might rip this layout to bits and start over. If I can get a clue as to what to do with it.

Maybe I should just unlink the css … go for the ‘natural’ look ?

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