A Thank You to Estara for the unexpected gift 🙂

I finally got round to fiddling with the comments code here, and I now have complete control over all aspects of layout and behaviour which is always a good thing.

Firefox 1.0 installed and looking great – as usual. Cutemenus, Firesomething and Statusbar Clock are not working yet but I can wait

I’ve got the font I posted about yesterday, so tonight I’ll be replacing some of the abody images. I suppose I should change the css there too …

But then I’ve got a little program to play with that makes Flash stuff, and FFX to play, and 1.2.1 to install again and upgrade to 1.3 and the final couple of levels of Gridlock to complete.

Did you know that no completely new antibiotic has been invented since the 1970’s ? But that lots of anti-depressants have ? More profit in a tablet a day there then eh ?

I now have about 100 gmails left – I deleted another 600 or so over the last two days. I know they offer 1000meg, but if it’s just used as an email account, surely you’d have to keep thousands – and who on earth would do that ? And why ?

And last night I heard not one, but TWO wonderful bits of news from someone I know and I wish I could say more, but I can’t. So I won’t, but wonderful stuff it certainly was.

Code.. need to email about code ….