Fonts and Figuring Out

Any good with fonts ? What font have I used on the mouseover images here – ? Look at the Kye and Helena images. It’s not a trick question, I need to know. The last 5 images I used a specific font for, but I’ve lost it .. I must have looked at 100’s of fonts today, downloaded megs of them in zips too, but I can’t find it. Know what it is ? Know of one that is very very similar ? Pleeease tell me ?

Apart from that, I’ve been reading the typically incomprehensible stuff that comprises the tech specs of XSL. I know the w3 site is the place to go for tech specs, but you really do need a translator next to you as you try to make sense of what it actually means, and how you actually use it. I’m sure that it’s quite simple to use – like CSS – but I can’t get my head around it right now. Once I’ve got enough to leap in with I’ll be happy.

7 thoughts on “Fonts and Figuring Out

  1. Thanks Terry – I ended up there by way of Will’s link above.
    I’ve sent the files – yours too – to the guys to see what they want… though I doubt I’ll get a specific response, more of a “What you think looks okay..”

    I’ll see which one I like when I fire up PSP 🙂

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