DVD’s and “Coming Soon”

I hated the fact that when I rented, and in some cases bought a video I’d have to fast forward through what I consider to be the crap the studios put there about their ‘forthcoming features’. It drove me nuts and really pissed me off every single time it happened. Copyright warnings – fine, even if Simon Bates was then doing a voiceover about film certification. I can live with that junk – it’s like the cringeworthy Pearl & Dean stuff at the cinema. But what I do NOT want to be subjected to is a barrage of clips and crap from what the studios want me to see next. It annoys me.
So DVD’s happen along, and it’s increasingly happening to these too. I can’t skip, and am forced to fast forward through the crap. If it’s a rented DVD, I could just about tolerate it, but it’s not limited to them is it ? They have the frigging technology to subject us to this utter crap, and they are determined to use it. What next ? Start playing the latest Eminem CD only to find that they exort you to buy offerings from D12 complete with snippets ?

I bought what I wanted to watch. Let me frigging WATCH IT.

Here’s an idea for the DVD pirates- cut that shit out. I’ll happily buy your product.

4 thoughts on “DVD’s and “Coming Soon”

  1. Generally, the “Disc Menu” or “Root menu” or something should take you to the screen where you can just hit “Play Movie”. That being said over here (Australia) most movies have the previews in a seperate menu (just like special features) so you can pick which ones sound interesting to you.
    We often used to just fast forward past the previews – we wanted to watch our movie now, what’s why we hired it. However, after the movie we generally spend 20 minutes looking at all the previews anyway. It makes it 10 times better because you have the control and can choose to watch it rather than have it shoved down your throat.

  2. I hate this too. I’ve taken to just watching DVD’s on my computer now, with the setup on my Linux box I can just skip that crap -even the copyright info! Of course this is a bit *naughty* I guess.

    Have you seen the copyright “Fact” clips you get on rental VHS tapes now? Apparently piracy funds terrorism! So I was wrong when I thought most terrorists got their money from corrupt governments and stock market trading. No, it seems they are funded from Dodgy Bob down the local market. Also, it appears piracy will cause the loss of thousands of jobs in the industry. Even while music & video sales are at an all time high of course, and whilst Hollywood can afford to seemingly regularly spend $200 million+ on a single movie.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating piracy at all -it just those clips make me laugh that’s all.

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