Firefox. A plugin I installed two days ago was giving me problems, so I uninstalled FF, and reinstalled. No joy. Uninstalled FF and went for a nightly. That prevented many of my extensions from loading. No joy there then. Went back to 1.0PR, but the extensions remained greyed out. Oh well thinks me – a very tired me – I’ll completely wipe FF and reinstall, that should fix it.
So FF is uninstalled, and I delete the /Mozilla folder in /Apps and Settings. Reinstall – Joy ! It works ! But I had deleted all my bookmarks and cookies too. I’m not anal enough to be hugely bothered – after all it’s not like links are hard to find is it ? So I’m viewing this as being pleasantly cathartic.

Post title …… last night I caught this post on Justin’s blog. The politics of the election matter not one jot, what matters is that many people said that if a certain event happened, they would act in a certain way. And the event has happened, and they will most certainly NOT do what they said.
Now I’m sure that when they said what they did, they had not the slightest intention of ever following that through – they just wanted to look cool / hip / ‘in touch’ / whatever. In fact, they were full of crap. Now, of course, they will come out with all manner of excuses – this type of person always does, but the fact remains that they tried to make themselves look principled, they tried to make themselves look morally better, but then their bluff was called, and they failed to complete. Scorn such people.
Full of crap are people like that. Either MEAN it, or STFU.

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  1. I can’t think of it’s name !

    Hold right mouse button, move mouse to rapidly scroll up / down the page. It broke mouse gestures. Baaaad.
    Actually, the worst thing i that I can’t remember the theme I was suing, so I’m back to graymodern which isn’t the one I want. Still, it’ll do for now and 1.0 Official is out soon……

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