More News statistics junk

Smaller pill packs ‘cut suicides’ – Bollocks.
Does that article actually state that the rate of suicide was cut ? No, it does not.
It says that the rates of suicides involving painkillers was cut, and it implies that the overall rate was down, but it does not state that – so why the misleading headline ?

Have they calculated the overall statistic ?
Have they seen if suicides involving other agents are up ?
Of course not, because the answer there would probably be a Yes.
Maybe what they should think about is that cutting the number of painkillers in a packet has done only TWO things:
1 – Made the drug companies a shed-load more money
2 – Killed more people. Why ? Well it could be argued that people did the ‘overdose’ as an attention seeker (there are enough people out there that think like that) and if that option wasn’t around, maybe they tried something else and actually did kill themselves.
Okay, so you’ll junk that second idea, but that’s no more untrue or unproved than that ridiculous headline from the (increasingly) stupid BBC is it ?

Fact is that suicide rates are going UP (National Statistics) and simply giving out – I use that term deliberately as we are not to be trusted – less tablets does not send the stats down – it’s not that bloody simple is it.

“Death hath a thousand doors to let out life” – Massinger

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