Saturday Domesticity

It’s almost 9am. I’ve already cleaned and polished all downstairs, done the stray washing up, cleaned the kitchen, sorted all the clothes for ironing, fed the cats, had two coffees, upgraded 2 blogs to the latest CVS for a guy in Texas, created a new feature page at abody, answered several emails, tidied up and now I’m here, listening to Radio 4 and plodding round the net.
Now…am I well trained or what ? 🙂

(And some twat on R4 just said that ‘all little people are quite unpleasant’ – pillock)

2 thoughts on “Saturday Domesticity

  1. I woke at 6 🙂
    Mind, went to bed earlish for me last night feeling pretty rough which is strange.. thought I was getting a cold / flu, yet today I’m quite sparkly !

    And it really is about time I sorted my css out too …. there’s some stuff there I need / want to change.

    Oh, and it’s a yes – but I require payments in Jaffa Cakes 😛

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