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The WP forums have had quite a few posts lately about this issue, and there is new code around – you may want to use it.
I’m lucky so far in that I can count the spams I’ve had on one hand, but, like Justin, many people are not. My guess – and that’s all it is, is that the spammers have taken a long time to break down the integral spam protection that WP has, and are making up for lost time. Whether that’s right or not doesn’t matter – it’s arrived.

Because of this rash of spammer activity, there is an equal force at work with the WP coders. As of now, Owen has released a new plugin, TechGnome has written some useful code (on my WP Spam page), Kitten has compiled a list of IP’s to block (duly blocked here) and there is still more to be found in the forums. As I said, I have no problem (and is that tempting fate or what ?) but today I’m installing a variety of techniques to make sure it stays that way….

4 thoughts on “Comment Spam

  1. That should come in handy…Ive been getting hammered with it lateley. Most of it gets caught for moderation, but its still a pain in the arse deleting them all, and getting 40 odd emails at a time telling me Ive got comments awaiting moderation.

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