Wires and yet more wires

Yesterday I needed to find the charger for my GBA SP. “Ah” I thought “It’ll be in my box of wires”, so I dragged it out of the cupboard and hunted. It’s a biggish box (archive type thing) and jammed with plugs and wires. The charger wasn’t there …….right, must be in my “Games wires” box – bigger box. Not there either. Checked the box under the bed – this being the “older games wires box” as it has Lynx and SNES stuff in. Still no joy. Off out to the shed for the “Tools wires” box – there are two actually. Nope… just in case, I also checked a couple of drawers where I keep stuff too …. still a no.

Why do I keep so many plugs and wires ? I’ve got chargers for stuff that broke, chargers for things that I can’t remember owning, many power cables, chargers for phones I no longer have, enough co-ax to cable several houses, tons of ribbon phone line, aerial wires for hi-fis, at least two of the multiple output plugs for all the stuff the kids use, USB on one end and heaven knows what on the other cables, and yet I keep it all.
I did wonder whether I should sort all of it out, label it all up, sort the needed from the junk, put what I will use in a convienient place and store the rest ……. but I won’t. I just know that the first wire I need next I will have put into the junk pile – the Law of Sod – and sitting sorting it all would just be so un-me. Aren’t wires meant to be coiled into some unruly mess ? I mean, it’s not like they are designed to fold neatly is it ? I feel like me sorting all the wires out to is akin to a wife giving her husband some polish and a duster and telling him to make his shed sparkle – it just not the way it’s meant to be. I used to have a neighbour whose garage wasn’t just neat, it was labelled and organised beyond description – it was a very spooky place – an operating theatre was a mess of confuson in comparison.

So as much as it annoys me at times, my system of “boxes”is remaining, and although I’m no item gatherer, I’m not chucking anything out either ….. after all, it’ll be useful one day!.

(Oh.. and the charger I wanted ? D. had it 🙂 )

3 thoughts on “Wires and yet more wires

  1. You’re not alone on this one. I have so many boxes of crap that I’ll never use and thats even after having a clearout before moving to our downsized house! Must be something in the male psyche about holding on to stuff “just in case I might need it!”.

  2. I’m the same. I have a couple boxes of all kinds of wires & things all jumbled up. My theory is that if I try to organize these things away neatly then, when I actually need something I won’t be able to find it. Whereas, right now I know where anything wire-related I could want is: it’s in one of those two boxes of crap! Works for me.

    I’m also just as bad with old computer & music magazines -I always keep them just in case there is something useful I want to lookup in the future. Even though I’ve completely forgot what is in them! I even have some dating back to my SNES & Amiga days.

    Still, it’s worth keeping all my bass-guitar related magazines -randomly picking one out can provide that inspiration you need at times.

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