1.3 and some …

Using the ‘subscribe to comments’ feature on some blogs isn’t such a hot idea when they get hit with comment spam – I get copies too.

Latest CVS code added, all still seems well.

I’ve jigged with Laughing Lizard’s Sortable Nicer Archives code and it now works in 1.3. If you want it, click for the phps file.

I feel like a librarian at the front desk with people coming in and asking me “Do you have any books ?”

Been using the Shadow Experimental bittorrent client for a while, and just recently it’s been really slowing my system. Not sure if it was an SP2 issue, but it was certainly the problem program, so that’s gone to trash and now BitComet takes it’s place. It grabbed about 200meg of files yesterday and the system stayed fine, so it can stay awhile.

GTA San Andreas out tomorrow – the girls have told me to go get it 🙂 (Well they can’t buy it themselves can they 😉 )

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