Opaque Searching

Apparently, M$ will be releasing some form of Desktop Search Engine soon…. and I’ll bet that they will promote the fact that if it’s on your computer, you can find it. But they’ll be lying won’t they ?

It’s common knowledge that Windows lies to you all the time isn’t it ?
You tell Explorer to clear your history – it says it has, but that’s not true. You tell Explorer to clear your cache – again, it lies when it says it has, it says programs have been completely uninstalled, but traces remain when they should not – and that’s only 3 features out of the many I could pick on. So when MS say you can find anything on your computer, what they actually mean is anything we want you to be able to find.
I suppose it should be apparent that this search engine won’t work properly because of that clue in the title – Microsoft, but then does the Google SE fail to reveal the same information ?
I’ve not installed it – no need – but if this third party app also plays by the ‘Redmond Rules’, then again it too is lying (or the EULA must say something like ‘we look anywhere Bill says is okay’).

And why are they so bothered about our browsing history ? or the contents of the Registry ? Is it solely so that the police have something to ‘examine’ when they take away a computer ? You could argue that unless you are the paranoid type, or have been indulging in illegal activites then you should have nothing to worry about, but the question remains as to why they built this into the system (what possible legitimate use to the OS can it be ?), and why will their SE not look into those hidden folders ?

It seems plainly false that any Desktop SE can call itself such a thing unless it makes it crystal clear just where it will not look, and why. But they can’t do that can they ….. or they’ll alert people to the fact they keep these files.