I get to use Open Office !

At last I get the chance to use this program myself 🙂 I’ve just been accepted onto a course entitled “Open Source/Free Software: philosophy and theory” at the University of Göteborg. 16 week course, a few assignments. It appealed for a few reasons, but the main one being WordPress. It’s free, but so is all the help that I and others give to the project, so it sort of makes sense to look more into how free software came about, what the goals are, the driving philosophies and similar issues. Of course, if during the course we have to use our knowledge and experience, I’ll be picking blogging programs – no shortage of ammunition and examples in this field ! It’s also a test for me in applying myself again (as some of you will know) over a period of time which will be interesting.

Oh, and my septum didn’t make it to 7mm. Pain. Too much pain. And then some.