A Beef about Europe

UK beef restrictions ‘must end’ reports the BBC. Portugal has no restrictions yet has a higher infection rate than the UK. And some people in Britain still think that further integration into the EU is a good idea ??.

How’s this for stupid: “Three language and legal experts have launched a campaign in France to make French the legal language of Europe, reports Le Figaro.” ( Link ) So that means that an Italian, living in Italy, could be breaking the law by speaking Italian ? Now how f*cking stupid is that ?

Same source: “European Court of Justice is pushing France to open its doors to cheaper medical imports from other EU states. ” And if the UK tried to block cheap french stuff would they take that lying down ? They certainly didn’t when they burned the trucks of legitimate traders and blockaded ports.

The EU proposes that the UK will have to criminalise street music

A new law will come into effect at the start of next year affecting food hygiene but you just know that certain EU countries will not change their practices one iota while using said laws to further impose bans so as to benefit their own farmers and food producers.

The EU will cheerfully import GM Sweetcorn yet will disallow even organic British beef ? Odd that in that article they will allow market forces to determine the success or not of GM food, but will not give British produce that chance. Can’t be afraid of competition can they ?

The EU is a mistake. A huge mistake.

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