Playing with the latest code

I said the latest CVS was installed ……. and I’ve had a quick look around.

Lovely 🙂
I’m not touching Themes as I won’t use them here, but I have looked at the new ‘pages’ feature.
Click Manage
Enter title
Enter content
Click “Create new page”
That’s it. Easy easy easy.
(I did have one issue but a post to the Hackers list, answered by Ryan showed that I needed to run upgrade.php again)
That method creates a page that uses your existing layout as the base for the page.
Tomorrow I’ll play at creating pages using an altered layout. I don’t think I’ll move all my other pages I have on my site inside this, but it does make for an excellent way to create pages for let’s say memorable posts ?

Template editing.
Great – now remembers the last few files you edited. I tend to use this editor more than an offline one and I think it’s a definite improvement.

Hello Dolly now works on the Plugins page too, so I get my Pink Floyd fix everywhere 🙂

Threaded Comments does not yet work – comment handling has changed in core files – but I’m sure it will be sorted soon enough. The stats plugin very probably works but the call to it in index.php has other stuff around it I can’t figure out. Other plugins are fine.

I’ve encountered no problems, but that shouldn’t be taken as a green light you know !

The other changes I’ve made are colouring the admin css (you know where to look) though that project is not complete and it’s very green ! I have also altered the advanced editing screen.
I find it annoying – and always have done – that the posts status buttons are arranged across the top of the page. My ‘write’ box is 20-25 lines, so I have to scroll the page to see them. If I proof it, I end up having to scroll back to the top. If I save and edit, again I have to scroll. I would sometimes forget what I had set a post to, and if you click “Save and continue” and it’s set to Publish, you end up with half a post on view.
I didn’t like that. So I’ve changed “edit-form-advanced.php” so that the 4 boxes to the right of the post title are now underneath the Trackback box. Renaming “Save and continue editing” to just “Save and Continue” sorted a minor aesthetic detail and now it’s a much improved screen. It fits the flow – for me at least: Title, write, sort the nitty gritty. It’s staying this way on this machine !