Upgraded to CVS

There are some small issues that I’m aware of – Comments page layout / Stats page doesn’t show and Threaded Comments have gone the way of a packet of chocolate fingers at a kid’s party, but if you see something strange, let me know ? Thanks !

Oh, and the nice CSS from not-that-ugly needs tweaking for the Template editing pages.
Not played yet with the latest stuff, but once these issues are sorted I most certainly will.
After pondering upgrading a while ago, I made the jump simply because there are features in 1.3 that I want – template tags actually. And I also have no db errors.

I had a very surreal train of thought about fleas last night after reading an article about them. If I can make it into sort sort of sense, I’ll write it down.

9 thoughts on “Upgraded to CVS

  1. Brave move you made there. Think I’ll watch for the next couple of days to see if anything explodes 😉 I probably won’t upgrade my personal site yet…but I have another one that I’m considering using 1.3 for.

  2. Do you mean to say Mark that this blog is not important to you? I am in shock. How can you ever succeed in your life when you are so nonchalant about the true purpose behind it all… 😛

    On a more serious note:
    I was so close to pushing the delete button on my blog this week and like you, I would not really miss it – in some ways it’s even appealing – a new challenge is always fun 🙂

  3. 🙂 In the big scheme of things… no, not really. It’s electronic data – it doesn’t really exist does it ?
    I’d not jack it in exactly, but if the CVS blew it to bits I wouldn’t get mad… though I’d consider a bug report – maybe 😉

    And a challenge.. yes, I’d like a new online challenge. I’m that bored right now I’m fiddling with core files 😯

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