Parent’s evening tonight

I have a headache, but not a bad one. I have toothache. I’m really tired and this last bit is because last night my machine totally bugged out on me. Keyboard went into CAPS LOCK mode (have AOL released a virus ?), both browsers were faulty, CPU was over 70% and I’d done nothing except try out that freeware stuff, and before that installed the latest ‘fix’ from M$.Could have been the Bittorrent client … being used for purely legal torrents of course 😉 My system is clean, so I’m stumped. Very very odd.

Parents evening tonight at the Primary school. What a waste of time – P hates her teacher but doesn’t want me to say that (so I’ll tell the teacher she loves her instead), P thinks she has too much homework – we agree but they’ll do nothing even if we complain and I’m sure it’s more to get the parents of the next-generation of Her Majesties Guests actually to take a bit of notice and less to do with anything else. Bore me silly do these evenings.

And if you’ve not seen, and want one, get a free ‘walk-o-meter’ from Walkers Crisps. Who says the high fat, high salt food manufacturers do nothing for us ?