You know a couple of weeks ago I posted that the Royal Bank of Scotland were guilty of stealing my daughter’s money ? Well, next time you fancy robbing a bank, just take a bunch of flowers to leave as an apology – that’s all they did. Until J gave them huge amounts of grief, threatened them with the Banking Ombudsman and the press – then they returned her money and £25 on top. Result.

Image today is from a little game I blogged about a long time ago but I still like and rediscovered on my HD. 3dCave. Easiest game to play – just get as far as you can. I’m pretty sure it’s freeware (I’ve checked the original page at SFCave) but it’s here to grab too if you want it. 97K 3dcave2.1.zip. Of the few goes I’ve had, my high score is 5261 so far.

Parents thing passed off with no issues at all. None. She’s doing well, works hard, always attentive, helps others, polite etc etc. That’s why they are boring ….. never anything but praise for the girls at school. Still, there’s time yet 🙂

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