Psion5 and Notepad++

Psion5. I’ve got one sitting here, and there must be something more useful I could use it for than playing Infocom adventures. Any ideas ?

Was bored last night so I decided to have a better look around at what lightweight text editors were available. Freeware ones that is.
Notepad++ won the little event, but I also tried out xemacs, mdiNotepad, Context, Crimson (again) and SuperEdi. The editor I have been using is pspad which is good, but at nearly 4 meg I wondered if there was something out there that was as good, but smaller / quicker.
Notepad++ fits the bill. Very nice presentation of CSS and PHP files, though you need to specify the extension when saving which is a bit of a pain. It also cannot be minimised to the tray – rbtray sorts that out though, and has no ftp support (that I’ve yet found if it is actually there). So I’m in two minds as to whether to use this or pspad … not that it matters at all but hey, blogging is inconsequential 🙂 Any if you wanted some links, there you have some.
Very oddly though, after all that, I uninstalled them, cleaned the registry, ran a spyware check, cleared histories / MRU’s then rebooted. It hung at the first DELL screen, so I powered down and up. It then needed me to select to boot instead of doing that already and seemed to have rolled the system back a short time – my dock had an icon reapplied when I had removed it earlier. Odd.

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  1. Psion? – Aren’t those the things that Marks & Sparks employees hold at arms length while they walk around the store all day checking stock? And if you used TXP 😎 you wouldn’t have any php or html files to edit would you? 😀 Well other than GuestBlock.

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