Good Trance tracks ?

Irritability earlier led me through a couple of Eminem’s albums (with Run Rabbit Run featuring more than twice), but now I’m more chilled it’s Trance – after a brief flirtation with Infected Mushroom (who have a date in the UK on 4 December and I can’t go :sad:) and what I’m after are any recommendations for top trance tracks.
My top 4 right now are:
Darude – Sandstorm (Original Mix).mp3
Delerium – Silence (Dj Tiesto Mix).mp3
Gouryella – Wallhalla (Armin Van Burrens Rising Star Mix).mp3
Cascade – Altitude.mp3

So what should I listen to then ? (Trance that is ….)

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  1. Vorsprung Dyk Technik is an oldie but a goldie for me… a 3 disc set of Paul Van Dyk tracks and remixes – it was never out of my CD player during my clubbing days. And of course, there’s the fabulous 14 minute version of “Flaming June” by BT that I never get sick of hearing. Sasha and Darren Emerson also did some great tracks together – Scorchio was fantastic. Ooh, and maybe worth digging out some Bedrock too! Some of these might not be quite your definition of trance but I love ’em anyway:

    Brother Brown – Under The Water
    Liquid Child – Diving Faces
    Humate – Love Stimulation
    Binary Finary – 1998

    I could go on and on but I think this comment is quite long enough 😉

  2. Well as I’m way too “old” to even be listening to this stuff I thought I’d add my 2c worth. I quite like “Mandalla”, “Transequence” and “Alien Mutation”. I also have a load of “Ministry of Sound” stuff mixed by the likes of “Nick Warren”, “Jeremy Healy”, “Judge Jules”, “Tall Paul” etc. But if I really want to chill I either listen to my own CDs (you can pick up an MP3 from my “Making Music” page) or something a bit more “mature” like “Tangerine Dream” or “Klaus Schultz” without the likes of whom Trance wouldn’t exist.

  3. Tangerine Dream ……. saw them a couple of times in concert. Had all their LP’s. Liked Ricochet the best, along with the live version of Monolight on the Encore double album.
    Prefer a few more BPM right now though and a more sturcture to the music 🙂

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