Blogging on a Saturday Night

New link over in Reading – – which I spotted over at weblogtools.
This blogging malarkey is an odd thing. There are some people that seem to take it so seriously (I don’t), some blogs that it seems everyone wants to link to (Zeldman, Meyer, Boing Boing), some blogs that if they post something ever so many people link to it or jump onto the same bandwagon (I think many people just blogged and trackbacked about the MT licensing so they could generate traffic to their blog for instance) and also many myths about blogging – what you should write, who you should or should not write about, what makes ‘good’ blogging and this project is something I’ll certainly be reading, if nothing else to find out what the opinions of others really are. (The part that interests me in particular is blogging and the law – did what I posted break the law ? Do I care ?)

What will be interesting to watch is how, if certain ideas are put forward whether blogs take such ideas on and change accordingly. I do think that no matter how many blogs we have links to, how many blogs we have bookmarked in our browser or how many blogs we pull the feeds from that we tend to stay inside our own little circle – a circle we have defined for ourselves. That’s not a bad thing, and we all do it, but then in terms of this vast amount of information that this thing called the internet has, it means that we are taking a very parochial view of it and such a view is nearly always a bad thing.
I wonder how people do choose their links ? Or not ? Do they choose them because they have a genuine interest in what the person has to say ? Do they link to them so they can be seen to be doing so ? Do they hope for some sort of ‘link kudos’ ? Do they just like very long sidebars ? Is it to do with Technorati ? Blogshares ? Something similar ?

Still on blog linkage, it’ll be interesting to see other’s thoughts about removing links. No-one minds their site being linked by another blog do they ? (or very few), yet I’d bet a lot would have something to say if their link was removed – I know I’ve had a vicious email about it before. For what it’s worth, when I rejigged my sidebar the other day, I left all the blog links visible, but all the sites I link to are now in a collapsible menu. Two reasons – I can see which blogs have been updated and they are personal pages. The sites are just that – sites -generally (but not always) impersonal. : should be a good read!

In other news, I sat down last night to do a wodge of WP work, got a few pages set up and then got hit with a humungous headache. No dehydration issues, no obvious cause, but it was one of my good (read very bad) ones. Darkened room didn’t help, so took myself off to bed at 10pm. Woke this morning, still there. Walked to the bathroom, then back to the bedroom. Still there. Came downstairs. Gone. Completely gone. Wierd ….. I feel like crap mind, but no pain is good, and I’ve got some of that work done which is cool.

11 thoughts on “Blogging on a Saturday Night

  1. With me it’s really simple – if it is updated pretty regularly and if it’s interesting to me I’ll link to it. If it get’s boring or if it hasn’t been updated for yonks then I delete it. I raised an eyebrow at your nasty email tale. Jeez I would respond with “Screw you buddy get a life”. It’s completely up to me if I remove a link and if anyone complains…tough.

    I link to Boing Boing only because I think Xeni has great hair (how shallow am I? 😉 ) and Cory and herself do post interesting articles. I do link to Kottke – but to be honest I’m going to remove him because I have found nothing of interest in his posts for a while now.

    New blogs are like Books I think. It’s really hard to find a new ‘author’ that you like and you tend to rely on recommendations. I’m always on the lookout for new places to visit though and try to set a couple of hours a week to trawl through sites.

  2. I checked the hair …. not dark enough for me 😉

    Good analogy with the books.

    Is there any way that people can share their feeds ? For instance, you uploaded your feed .opml file. I download it, add mine and upload and the process continues. That way sites could be shared ? New blogs discovered ?

    I meant to mention World Geoblog too – that does give random blogging whereas following links I’ve found I tend to stay in the same ‘village’ (in a parochial sense).

  3. Remind me to ask you how all this rss works one day Mark. I will make a fool of myself saying so, but I must admit I do not have a clue at the moment.

    In regards to the links issue, there is always the ‘politeness factor’ to consider, but ultimately it rests with the owner of the linking site as to what links they keep in place. We are all at risk of having a huge linkbase if we do not have a clean out from time to time and I believe most people understand that this process is a continual element.

    For what it is worth Mark, I think the link to your site has an almost ‘permanent’ feel to it. It even has it’s own graphic now 🙂

  4. – download that, and just run it 🙂
    Really easy, comes with built in feeds and just playing with that for an hour or less will show you all you need to know !

    I have two panel view, and hourly updating. Honest, there’s nothing to it 🙂

    Oh yes, and I turned off the balloon popup after a short while as every hour I get a screenful 🙂

  5. Yeah it is a bit bleachy – but it’s kinda wild and that’s the key! 😉

    Bloglines is probably the closest thing to sharing OPML files. Mine hasn’t been updated for a while but they are starting to integrate it with some feed readers so that it synchs better. But if you go to then you can see my feeds from a while back…I’ll probably upload my most recent OPML file soon. If anyone has a public profile then you can few their feeds and download them.

  6. Thanks Mark,

    I have d/l it and had a quick play. It looks very handy although I must admit I prefer to go directly to people’s sites to read their articles. It’s bit like the fact I could never read a book from a computer screen -I need to have it in my hand. For me, reading articles on sites is much the same – but completely different of course 😯

    Mind if I bug you with another question? This new ‘comments read’ you are using – is it a plugin that is available from somewhere?

  7. I use RSS for news sites mainly – I never read blogs using RSS – never.
    Blogs are personal, they need to be read on the site, in person, with all the decorations and stuff around, otherwise they just become words.

    The Read () is from here
    Really easy to do. The code in my index.php is
    <?php show_post_count($post->ID, $before=”Read (“, $after=”)”); ?>

    Oh, and thank you for the compliment in your first comment 🙂

  8. It’s not that bad !

    Select your db, click the SQL tab, then paste the code:
    create table mostAccessed
    postnumber int not null,
    cntaccess int not null,
    primary key(postnumber),
    unique id(postnumber)
    into the box and click Go.
    that’s it 🙂

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