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The Google Desktop search engine has arrived. Yea, like wow….
Maybe I’m the only one who keeps a fairly organised machine but why all the fuss about this thing ? I’m in no way pushed for disk space, but do I really need a chunk of it sitting there occupied with an index of what is stored here ? No, I don’t.
Yes the Windows search function is about as useful as the cgi-bin is to WordPress, but the superb freeware program I use – Agent Ransack – does precisely what I want, and fast. It will search and find just what I need – usually scripts / programs for specific values. It doesn’t need to cache results. I have no worries about any aspect of my privacy. I have no worries about registry changes. It works, and works well.

There’s a decent write up on the GDSE over at O’Reilly but it’s this idea of searching.
Searching implies lost, whereabouts unknown, cannot find without help. That’s okay when it’s something (like a bunch of php files) that you have but are not familiar with, but when it’s something you really should be more familiar with – like the contents of your house, or the boxes in the attic, or the images folder on your machine, surely you should just look through them ?
I’ve certainly looked for a certain image and become pleasantly distracted by other family or event images I have come across – doesn’t a search engine remove that ?

Maybe it is just me ….. I know where all my programs store their data, I have cleaner programs set to delete cached data, if I haven’t used a program in a while I delete it. I’ve got loads of disk space but why clutter it up ? My only issue with information is the numerous backup CD’s I have, but again, I’ll find programs on them that I’d forgotten I had, and the GDSE is no use for them anyway.

I just cannot see why the average user can get excited over this program or why it would do anything for them except two things:
1 – Scare them as they realise just how much Windows files away
2 – Allow them to remain, or become, even more lax with regard to keeping their system in a decent order (“Save it anywhere ! Google will find it!”)

I can just see the questions coming …..”How can I get Google to not look in my porn / warez / chat log directories ?”

GDSE ? No thanks.

Update: Google Desktop Search allows users to opt out of sending the company back detailed usage data, but it isn’t possible to firewall it completely.

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  1. To be honest, the maker of the product doesn’t matter to me.
    It’s the fact that Google not only percieves this as a need, but also because it does nothing to educate people about good computer practices.

    “Google caused my divorce! – Wife finds porn pics Shocker!”

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