CSS Pt1 completed

That took a LOT longer than I thought!
Changes so far:

  1. Image now used when menu links are hovered
  2. Collapsible menus for some linking
  3. Title and date have been flipped over
  4. Comments page now actually validates
  5. Comments page looking cleaner, though there are still a couple of things I want to adjust
  6. Posts are paged, with a nav_link on the main page, and the existing nav links on the comments page
  7. All entries now have time / date against them
  8. All works in FF.1.0.1 and IE6

I’ll see how things work and fiddle as and when I feel the need / get the time. Credit for some of the stuff I have done (and for what is planned) goes to Christopher Schmitt and Eric Meyer – good books guys !

I had an email back from Google too. It didn’t say that 591 visits was too much, but it did say “We have reduced the load on your site” which is pretty good. Still, the server has been talking to me since the 10th again, and compared to the 15th last month, I’m 4 meg down. Rah !

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