Help packing your bags ?

Every week, when I get to the checkout in Asda, I get asked “Would you like some help packing your bags ?”. Every week, without fail, I decline. This time, I asked a question back.

I asked the lady on the checkout if many people asked for help. She said Yes. She said that women with small children sometimes ask for help. I asked if men ask – she said Yes, many men ask for help, much more than women. Now what on earth is that all about then ?
Are there legions of men who find the task of putting shopping into a bag so difficult, so complex and so stressful that they need assistance ? And would these be the same men who would act all masculine when faced with building something complex from a mass of parts ?
I mean .. it’s hardly complicated to put items of different shapes into a flexible container is it ? After all, you manage to get your underwear on each morning !
Or is this just blatant sexism ? Is this task beneath them ? Do they see the role of the woman to do their bidding ?

Get a grip – pack your own damn bags !

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