Creativity & CSS

I sat down earlier, opened pspad and went to completely restyle this blog. I’ve played with some effects, tried a new layout on localhost, but I really really like the design you are looking at. I like the colours, I like the image. There are some minor changes I’m going to make but I’ll do them live I think …. the main change will be less entries on a page. I could write 3 very long entries, or a couple of shorter ones, and while everything will stretch to accommodate, it results in what I sometimes find to be an uneven page. I know that this can also happen with posting even 1 entry, but it does reduce possible ‘longness’ – maybe 🙂

Our hair, our clothes both say things about us to others. I wonder what our colours and layouts say ?

5 thoughts on “Creativity & CSS

  1. The real winner on your site all the time Mark, no matter what colours, layout, bells or whistles you use, is that you have great content.

    However, if you would like the opinion of someone who does not have too much of a clue when it comes to web design, maybe a complete change will make you happy. They say a change is as good as a holiday…
    Just my 2p of course.

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