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Reproduced exactly as posted:

>> Hi,
>> is there any sw (free of shareware) that can act as a database to keep
>> data about a baby, like weight, height, hillnesses, important events,
>> pictures and so on?
>> Many tks for your attention
> Luca
> Yeah, I’ve got one.
> It can record all that info automatically with very little effort on my
> part.
> It’s called a wife 😉
> Though that’s probably off-topic since wives are hardly freeware and
> definitely not shareware. The best term is nagware <ducks>

3 thoughts on “Newsgroup Sighting

  1. alt.comp.freeware 🙂

    My othet favourite quote from there was this:
    “BugMe! is great for when you need to remember something in an hour or so and don’t want to bother with the overhead of writing a reminder on a piece of paper.”

    My italics.

    It’s a great ng, but some requests for software are sooo strange.

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