Because I can’t get the structure of the bad_bot trap and my existing banned IP’s correct, I’ve reverted to my previous format but left the traps in place. Anything flagged up gets added manually. What I was pondering though is whether anyone keeps or shares a list of undesirable IP’s. Wouldn’t such a thing be useful ?
Let’s say that tonight I get 4 IP’s flagged (my contact forms also reports IP’s that try to use it from where they should not), and I add them to my banlist. Now that’s okay for me, but surely that info would be useful to others too ? Let’s say I publish the IP’s here, and create a page for my banlist. If several people decided to do the same, then would this not benefit others ?
It has drawbacks in that you would have to trust the source and you would need to do a bit of hunting before adding an IP to your own banlist, but overall, I’d say it would be of benefit. Thoughts ?

Related to this, does anyone keep a note of why they added an IP to their list ? I don’t but I think it would have been more useful to do so.

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  1. Flaw in that is you’re probably banning internet cafes or compromised zombie PC’s or a proxy. If annoyances are able to be tracked to their own IP then they’re idiots. I know for a fact if I go to the far east I’m going to have to do some tweaking before using internet cafes as I’ve blocked a few ranges there.

    I don’t keep a note. I investigate enough to know whether it’s just a one off or not – if it’s on my ban list it deserves to be there. But if I strongly suspect it’s an internet cafe I mght remove it after a month or so…well that’s the plan – in reality it probably stays blocked 😉 But no loss to me.

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