6 thoughts on “Royal Bank of Scotland

  1. The lying, thieving bank (Hey – what a great advert!) closed my daughters account.
    They did not tell her, or us.
    They claim only 6p was in that account, but she had saved over &pound40
    They claim they are allowed to – despite being told (and being in possession of a letter to this effect) that they could not touch that money.
    They claim that money otherwise owed to them (it’s not now) can be recovered by taking money from this account. They cannot.
    That breaks the law.
    That is stealing.
    It’s stealing from a child.

    They said it would be sorted out the day we called – over a week ago.
    They say they will call us back – daily they fail.

    I WANT them to see this, I WANT them to try to do something about it.
    I WANT them to try and sue me.

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