Unfinished Books

Instead of writing about books I have just read, here are two I just cannot finish.
It’s not that they are boring necessarily – though in the end they are – it’s just that I cannot get ‘into’ them far enough to generate the will to complete them.

J bought me this just after it was published, and with Leicester being a very ethnically mixed city, it was a case of ‘at the back of the shop and from under a counter already in a bag’ due to the controversy. It puzzled me why people were dying because of this book, it puzzled me that a death sentence was passed on the author by people who probably hadn’t even read it and it puzzled me that a book that portrayed Christ in some wierd manner would not be received with such hostilty.
Page 15 is where I stopped the first time, and I have not yet got past page 25. I have tried to force myself to read this, even if it is about religion (a subject I have had forced into me enough thank you), but to no avail. It’s dull, duller than dull in fact. I would like to able to say I have read it, but I can only claim that it still looks as good as they day it was purchased through a lack of use. It’s hardback, and even the dustcover is in mint condition.

A better title might be ‘Women get religion’. Every chapter results in Wurtzel bringing ‘the Lord’ or close to that into the subject of ‘difficult’ females. Having read ‘Prozac Nation’ I was hoping for something as deep if not lighter, but this book grabs a point and seem to wrangle to it death. Either it’s a very deep book and I’ve not got the concentration, or it’s a very deep book and I just don’t grasp the subject well enough, or it’s just a very deep book. Must have tried several times again to read this, even just in smaller chunks, but it loses me and swamps me at the same time. Nice cover though 🙂


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